‘Aquaman’ Tops the Box Office For the Second Consecutive Week

The DC Extended Universe film franchise has achieved moderate success in comparison to its biggest rival, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But that all may have changed with the recent release of the latest film, Aquaman.

Warner Bros.’s Aquaman, for the second constitutive week in a row, sits at the top of the box office with a domestic take of nearly $188 million and a worldwide box office gross of $750 million. With these results, Aquaman is on the pace to become the highest grossing installment of the DC extended universe.

According to Box Office Mojo, Warner Bros. and DC’s Aquaman yielded the smallest second weekend let down in the history of the  DC Extended Universe films dipping just -23.5% for a $51.55 million second weekend, that propelled the film’s domestic take over $188 million. In just eleven days after its initial release, Aquaman now holds the distinction as the eleventh largest grossing domestic release based on a DC Comic. The film is not only a financial success but has achieved critical acclaim as well.

Given the results of Aquaman, a sequel is sure to be in the works in the very near future.

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