Andrew Johnson Wrestles For First Time Since Racist Ref Made Him Cut His Dreadlocks

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Andrew Johnson Wrestles After Dreadlock Cutting Controversy

Andrew Johnson is back to wrestling after that national controversy surrounding his dreadlocks. As previously reported Andrew’s hair was snipped on the sidelines of a match in December as ordered by racist ref Alan Maloney.

Maloney was then suspended indefinitely and banned from working in the district where the match was.
Now Andrew’s returned to wrestling 16 days later. reports that Andrew, unfortunately, lost his first bout to state qualifier Jaden Hinton who opened the eight-team tournament on Saturday. Andrew wrestled without a hair cover, which is what was suggested instead of cutting his dreadlocks.

His family previously said that he wanted to return to regular “life.” His parents Charles and Rosa Johnson are still considering legal action and said via an attorney that Referee Maloney’s behavior “appears more egregious as additional information comes to light.”

The Johnsons alleged that the Maloney was late to the meet and didn’t question Andrew’s hair or the need for a head covering during the initial evaluation but then changed his mind and ordered it cut.

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