Katt Williams Sparring Radio Host Wanda Smith Fired, Replaced By Jade Novah

Wanda Smith

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Wanda Smith Fired From V-103

Wanda Smith, the radio host who got into a spat with Kat Williams that spurned into an alleged gun pulling situation, has gotten the boot.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Wanda Smith and Miss Sophia, both of “Frank and Wanda in The Morning” were fired at the start of the new year. The two hosts were part of the original morning show that returned in 2018.

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Wanda’s firing is particularly shocking because she’s been on V-103 for more than two decades. She’s kept silently on her firing and only posted on Instagram;

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As for Miss Sophia however, she’s claiming that the station had her replacement on hand back in October to give “pointers” when really they were priming him for her position. She also added that Frank Ski’s never been a friend to her.

“Now the reason we were told JR was sitting in with us was because he had a very successful show and big following on social media, so he was going to observe our show and give us some pointers and ideas on what we could do to have a better social media presence,” wrote Sophia on Instagram.

“Frank Ski you sent me a text saying you were sad because of what happened. Why were you said, because of the part you played in the situation or because you see the writing on the wall for you. You also said that you will always be a friend. Is this something new that you are trying, because you have not shown yourself to be a friend to me from the first day I met you back in early 2000.”


Woo chile, the mess.

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The AJC now reports that Frank Ski, 54, has been matched up with a Los Angeles singer Jade Novah and New York sports radio personality JR Jackson. Both will start January 22.

Jade is an Instagram personality with over 362,000 Instagram followers. She’s also known for her Beyonce impersonations.


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JR is a sports reporter with over 81 million YouTube views.

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Interesting choice, it looks like the station’s trying to reach a younger demographic and clearly not everyone’s pleased about it.

What do YOU think about this radio shakeup??? Some people SWEAR that Wanda’s Katt Williams beef played a part.



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