Coiffure Justice Reform: Meek Mill’s Edges Snatched After Airing Audacious Attack Against Artisanal Lace Front Wigs

Meek Mill Hosts Album Release Party

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Meek Mill Tweets Disdain For Lace Front Wigs

It appears that Twitter will the bane of Meek Mill‘s existence. After building up a reserve of goodwill with the public, he again stuck his head in the lion’s mouth due to his uncontrolled Twitter fingers.

Despite the fact that the streets and the goons and the gangstas love Meek Milly from Philly, the ladies make up a substantial part of his fanbase and many of them feel attacked and triggered after Mr. Championships hit “send” on the following tweet last night:

Ray Charles could see that this wasn’t going to go over well (we would have said Stevie Wonder, but Stevie Wonder can see, but we digress).

The social media community was NOT here for Rihmeek’s follicle-shaming. Where do you stand on Meek’s new crusade, you ridin’ or nah? Flip the page to peep more ombre outrage.

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