Chance The Rapper Says he’s Ashamed of Friends Accused of Sexual Assault

A few days after Towkio and Chance The Rapper’s drummer was accused of sexual assault, the Chicago emcee hopped on Twitter to speak on the accusations.

“In the past 2 days I’ve heard too many stories of domestic abuse, sexual violence and rape perpetrated by ppl I called friends,” Chano wrote. “I am ashamed of yall. These stories will be amplified and your victims will receive the justice they deserve.”

Although the Coloring Book rapper didn’t name anyone, the tweet is hard to digest because two of his affiliates are dealing with sexual misconduct allegations.

The first allegation was aimed at Towkio by a woman named Morgan who tweeted that he raped her. She wrote, “February 2016, I was raped by Preston Oshita aka Towkio.”

Towkio has since denied the allegations. “I am deeply saddened by the recent allegations made by Morgan,” he wrote. “To provide necessary context, she and I were in an on going consensual sexual relationship dating back to 2014 which even included other women. I only say this to provide context and in no way to victim blame.”

He continued, “It is of the utmost importance to me that she and the entire world know with 100% certainty and my hand to God that I would never engage in any intercourse with any women without full consent. While I absolutely deny these allegations, I feel awful that I would be a source of pain for her. It is my hope that her and I can engage in a dialogue in a place where she feels comfortable to discuss our relationship and her feelings.”

Morgan also accused Chance The Rapper’s drummer, Stix, of sexual misconduct which allegedly occurred about eight years ago. “He pushed me in a room, closed the door, turned off the light & put his hands down my pants,” she wrote in a tweet. “I rejected his sexual advances and immediately left the room.”

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