This Can’t Be Real, But It Is: The Internet Uncovers Footage Of Trump Urging People To Go “Up, Over, Under, Around” Concrete Walls [Video]

President Donald J. Trump...

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

The Daily Show Discovers Footage Of Donald Trump Talking About Avoiding Walls

As the social media saying goes: “There’s one for everything”.

For all the claims and blustery filibustering that he does, Donald Trump has a very special penchant for completely undercutting every single thing that he deems important to his political agenda.

Over the course of his presidency, numerous past tweets have resurfaced of Donnie pounding the table in support of an idea, only to take a passionate and completely opposite stance today.

Peep this video clip unearthed by The Daily Show:

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Well would you looky there…

If you wanna find out exactly how unoriginal Donnie’s diabolic schemes are, flip the page.

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