Good Riddance: GoFundMe Is Refunding All $20 Million In Donations To The ‘Fund The Wall’ Campaign


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All Of The Donations To Trump’s Border Wall Are Being Refunded

A crowdfunding effort for y’alls lil border wall reached shockingly high numbers, but it looks like the organizer may have to give all that money back.

The GoFundMe campaign was started by Brian Kolfage, who sought to provide $1 billion to fund Donald Trump’s border wall. As of Friday, the campaign raised just over $20 million, but it’s just not all that Kolfage hoped for.
The campaign’s GoFundMe said that is was designed to be all or nothing.
“When the campaign was created, the campaign organizer specifically stated on the campaign page, ‘If we don’t reach our goal or come significantly close we will refund every single penny,’” GoFundMe told the people over at CNN. “He also stated on the campaign page, ‘100% of your donations will go to the Trump Wall. If for ANY reason we don’t reach our goal we will refund your donation.’”
“That did not happen. This means all donors will receive a refund,” GoFundMe explained.
As of now, the campaign page was still up early Saturday morning and accepting donations, and it’s unclear when it will actually be taken down. GoFundMe said it is up to the campaign organizer to determine when it will be shut down.
With the now longest government shutdown in US history taking place over the funding of the border wall, Kolfage’s campaign page said he “was tired of watching the U.S. government’s inability to secure our southern border.” Kolfage said that he has determined that the federal government is not in a place to accept the money, so he intends on having a team to build a wall privately.
In place of the GoFundMe campaign, Kolfage set up a non-profit named “We Build the Wall, Inc.” and is asking donors to redirect their contributions to the organization.
“When I created this fundraiser, I said if we did not reach our goal we will refund donors. I am honoring that commitment today. We will promptly refund your donation unless you tell us you approve our new plan for action,” Kolfage said.

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