Coupled Up: Jess Hilarious Has A NEW Funny And Fine Boo, Kountry Wayne…But Is He Married?

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Jess Hilarious Has Herself A New Boyfriend?

After dumping that young man who cheated with the raggedy braids, Jess Hilarious is back coupled up.

Word on the comedy scene is that she’s seeing fellow standup comedian Kountry Wayne. Jess appeared in Wayne’s Instastory a few weeks back wearing pajamas in the background. This caused a bit of confusion. “Kountry Wayne” Colley is actually still married, according to his wife Gina. Before deactivating her account, Gina Colley posted a marriage certificate to show that she and Wayne tied the knot back in 2017. SHe claims no divorce papers had been served.

In his and Jess’ defense, Kountry Wayne posted this video explaining that he DID serve his wife divorce papers and what he does thereafter is his business. Oh yea, he has a total of 9 kids and he’s 31-years-old.

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Fast forward, Jess Hilarious doesn’t seem to mind what’s happening with Wayne in his divorce at all. She just posted up a photo with her face pressed against Wayne’s face, while she hugged him from behind in her Instastory. Wayne returned the gesture, posting her photo too. Does this mean these two are making it official? Hit the flip for more of Kountry Wayne.

How do you rate him on a scale from 1-10???

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