Lexy Panterra: This Low-Quality Butt Bouncer Got Dragged For Demanding Diversity In Cardi & Caresha’s ‘Twerk’ Video

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Girl, bye!!!

Lexy Panterra Blasted For Diversity Critique Of “Twerk” Video

By now you’ve probably seen the Caketastic “BET Uncut” style video that is the City Girls and Cardi B’s “Twerk.” If not, take a glance at the over the top cake clapping that pays perfect homage to the song’s title below.

And while most people LOVED the visual, a wayward woman named Lexy Panterra just HAD to ask what she thought was a demanding question. “Where are all the white girls?????” Lexy posted and deleted, but not before Twitter users caught a screenshot.

She later softened it and asked where are the other “ethnicities.” She’s since deleted that message as well.

“I just think there should have been some other ethnicity’s in the city girls twerk video …. cause why not?” Lexy who’s a “twerk fitness” instructor asked.

Soon thereafter Twitter erupted with criticism of the unseasoned cake clapper and people pointed out Cardi and Caresha SURELY weren’t pressed to have her robotic cheek choreography on hand.



You done messed up now, ma’am.

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Do YOU agree that the “Twerk” video needed more “diversity” or is Lexy Panterra just pressed to “jiggle” her lil Animatronic a$$???

Lexy Panterra

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