The Rewind Ep. 26: Peeling The Mask Off The Pied Piper [Video]

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“The Rewind” Ep 26

This week on “The Rewind” the Family Guy Landon Lavarius and The Bully DJ Franchise send a message to R. Kelly; “We see you!”

The two discuss the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary and they’re both disgusted.

“It’s the people around R. Kelly who let this happen,” said DJ Franchise who gave the doc a 10/10. “I never even knew that Aaliyah was only 15. The security guy falsified documents—that’s jail time!”

Landon also wondered if he’d actually do jail time or if the outrage is just a trend

“Is R. Kelly about to go to jail now? Is this going to be a trend?”

They also discuss Netflix’s hit “Birdbox”—blindfolds and all.

The Rewind GIF

Source: IOne Digital Video / iOne

It’s “The Rewind!”

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