Das Racist: New Zealand Pool Sign Taken Down After Parents Complain That It’s Shady AF

Pool sign

Source: Nattapool / Getty

Apparently America isn’t the only place where racist are getting called out on their ish. A public health campaign in Auckland, New Zealand has been criticised for promoting casual racism after Labour MP Tamati Coffey posted it on Facebook. Some parents claim that the white girl in the campaign is only insinuating that the little boy will pee in the pool just because he’s Black.

One concerned mom responded:

“I am an older female of European descent and I don’t like the sign. I very much doubt a little girl would running around saying this kind of thing to other kids.”

Another added:

“It’s funny at first glance. But then you realise the racial profiling. And it’s not funny anymore. We are so conditioned to subtle racism, that we just laugh and say nothing.”

But the complaints were sure ’nuff heard. Auckland Council general manager of parks sports and recreation, Mace Ward, released a statement saying,

“This particular sign was part of a series and it was not our intent to upset anyone. The campaign was created in response to potential public health issues and as a result we’ve have fewer pool shutdowns and less risk to human health. We’re removing our signs from our leisure centres and will take a look at the whole campaign.”


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