WTF?! The Most Figgity Figgity F’d Up Things We Found Out From Both FYRE Festival Docs


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Here’s What Went Down At The Fyre Festival

The more we learn about Fyre Festival, the more we all realize this thing was doomed from the beginning. From to a lack of funding to a lack of planning, all of the problems that went down during this disastrous event stem from simply not being prepared and, from the looks of it, not really caring how unprepared they were (we’re looking at you, Billy McFarland).

Both Netflix and Hulu released documentaries on the infamous Fyre Festival this past week and it’s got the entire world talking about how insane this whole failed experiment was.

Ja Rule, who founded Fyre Media with Billy McFarland, got fed up with all the slander on Sunday and ended up responding with some colorful tweets. The rapper pushes all the blame toward his former business partner and implies that neither documentary can be too trustworthy since they paid the people involved in the festival to make them.

Ja is standing by his vision to create a one-of-a-kind festival and insists he would never scam anyone–but a scammed is exactly what all the Fyre Festival attendees got.

From the soaking wet mattresses to the cheese sandwiches, here’s the craziest things we learned about Fyre Festival from the recently released documentaries.

Everyone Told Billy McFarland This Thing Wouldn’t Work

The deadline for the employees of Fyre Media to finish everything was unrealistic from the start, but as the festival approached, several employees expressed serious doubt and desperation about the possible outcomes. According to those former employees, Billy didn’t take any of them seriously and kept on truckin’.

Billy Claims He Lost All The Keys To The Luxury Villas He Paid For

Fyre Festival had attendees paying tens of thousands of dollars for tickets that included stays in supposed luxury villas while on the island, but when they showed up, they were actually staying in FEMA tents.

According to Billy in the Hulu doc, he most definitely had villas that he purchased and everything was going smoothly…until he lost the box with all the keys. Makes sense.


Festival Attendees Were Forced To Add Money To Their Wristbands

Two weeks before the festival was set to take place, Fyre Media was reportedly in need of some serious cash. That’s when attendees were contacted and told to load up newly invented Fyre Festival wristbands with at least $3,000 to buy food and other items while onsite in the Bahamas.

Billy was doing ANYTHING he could for a quick buck to hold over investors, but not as much as his mentor Andy was about to do…

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