Donald Trump Announces Deal to Lift Shutdown for Three Weeks

Donald Trump announced that he signed a deal to lift the temporary government shutdown for three weeks.

The agreement will provide full government funding through February 15th. Although no money will be allocated for Trump’s wall, the White House and congressional leaders agreed to review border security as part of a Department of Homeland Security spending bill.

In a statement, Trump said that he will sign a bill to ensure “all employees receive back pay very quickly.” But he will not hesitate to shut down the government again if Congress doesn’t come to a “fair deal” by February 15th. His decision to end the shutdown is a result of a protracted standoff with congressional Democrats.

The government was shut down for 35 days, marking the longest one in history. At least 800,000 federal workers were affected, as well as thousands of people with no connection to government employees.

There were ground delays at New York’s La Guardia Airport because of a shortage of air traffic controllers reporting for work.


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