FUBU: NC Activist Proposes That African-Americans Practice Cultural Segregation For Black History Month

Black History Month Label

Source: bortonia / Getty

Durham, NC Minister And Activist Proposes Black Community Self Segregate For BHM

Here’s an interesting proposition — for 28 days — the entire month of February, one activist is suggesting that the black community turn our focus on supporting black owned businesses and educating black youth about black history and culture.

“We need to build a wall around Black culture,” Paul Scott a Durham NC minister and activist, said via a release sent to BOSSIP.

Scott believes that Black people were better off socially, politically and economically better off during the era of segregation. Scott, who gained national recognition for his comments in a 2018 NY Times article about gentrification whitening Durham, NC also argues that black history has been whitewashed to make white Americans more comfortable. He also believes that the Black movement for social equality has been hijacked by other groups.

“Everyone has benefited from our tears and pain except us,” says Scott.

Do you agree or disagree? Would you be willing to self-segregate for Black History Month just to see if those actions would improve the state of the Black community.

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