WELP: Terry Crews Calls Out DL Hughley, Hints He’ll Slap The Toxic Masculinity Out Of Him

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Somebody wants ALL the smoke…

Terry Crews Asks DL Hughley If He’d Like To Be Slapped

Terry Crews is fed up with men taunting him over his Adam Venit sexual assault allegations and it sounds like he might be asking one of them for the fade.

As previously reported Terry’s been praising black women for sticking by his side after he sued Hollywood exec Adam Venit for allegedly grabbing and squeezing his crotch in 2017. Since then he’s been an advocate for people speaking out as part of the #MeToo movement—but he’s also been harshly criticized and outright shunned by black men like 50 Cent, Russell Simmons and Tariq Nasheed.

Now Terry’s calling out someone else who commented; DL Hughley.

In a Vlad TV interview, DL slammed Terry for not fighting back against his accuser and said, “God gave you muscles so you could say no.”

“You can’t touch my d*** if I pay you,” said DL. “Cause I can get another you and you can’t touch my d*** in front of my wife if I pay you. […] I’ve never been in his spot, I ain’t never been in no Old Spice commercial but there’s things you ain’t gonna do to me.”

Mind you, Terry’s said 10,000 times that he didn’t mash Venit into Old Spice specks because he knew that as a big black man in Hollywood his career would be finished.

None too pleased by D.L.’s words Terry took to Twitter to call him out and he politely asked D.L. if he’d like the “s** slapped out of him” since that’s the obvious resolution to toxic behavior.

D.L. has yet to respond, publically at least but Twitter thinks he’s shaking so much that his tilted Fedora’s slipping off his scalp.

Do YOU think Terry Crews is right to call out DL and the other men taunting him??? What happens if he really does get fed up and slaps the s*** outta somebody??? Are these men really prepared for that?

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