L.A. Rams’ Male Cheerleaders to Make History at This Year’s Super Bowl

When the Los Angeles Rams secured their spot in Super Bowl 53, they ensured at least their cheerleaders would make history.

As members of the Rams’ spirit squad, Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies, will be the first men to perform with an NFL cheer-leading team during a Super Bowl.

The two men and their coach, Emily Leibert, told Good Morning America last week that going to the Super Bowl feels “like a fairy tale,” but it’s a result of hard work. In a tweet last week after his Rams secured a spot in the big game, Peron sent out a shout out to his squad mate.

“Dream your dream. Live your truth. If there’s something you want to do, you have to go out and accomplish it no matter what part of life you’re in. Nobody can live your life for you,” Peron said.

The cheer-leading squad said along with being on the sidelines, it’s important to be ambassadors of their community and that is something they take the most pride in.

“In 2018, the two classically trained dancers from California first made their mark when they were selected to join the Rams squad after enduring an intense audition process.”

Peron and Jinnies’ success inspired 25-year-old Jesse Hernandez to try out for the New Orleans Saints’ Saintsations cheer-leading team.


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