Nick Cannon Says Black Men See White Women as a Symbol of Success

Does being able to date white women equate to success for a black man? Well, comedian, Nick Cannon says that this is the reason black women are overlooked for white women.  In a 17 minute long interview with guest Rizza Islam for his Youtube show, Cannon Class, the two examined the idea of black men loving white women more than they love black women.

The interview starts with Cannon wanting to know why he can’t be with a white woman. Rizza then explains to him that the best way he knows how to explain love is  “of course the honorable Minister Farrakhan teaches us that love is from and of God” but “the reason why the white woman, and we can go into anatomy, biology, history culture, is not ideal for the black man is because if you want to have the best of another black man you have to have a black man and a black woman to have a child.”

The pair started talking about forbidden love between blacks and whites prompting Cannon to say that the reason why black men choose white women over black women is that of status, “White women are looked at as success because in America we see a white woman, I couldn’t have you. My daddy couldn’t have you My granddaddy couldn’t have you. I would get killed for even looking at you. People, if they thought I whistled at you, they would murder me. Beat me. Drag me down the street. So now, if I play for the NBA, I want them all and I can afford them all, that’s what they are thinking.”

Cannon then goes on to say that it is apart of the slave mentally, “It’s like, I was your slave for this long, now I’m going to take your woman because your woman always wanted me, she always has dreamt about me. It was forbidden, now that it isn’t I’m going to show that I’m the superior  being, the dominant original man and I’m going to act within that, therefore that’s why I believe that once you get money, once you get success, you’re not following anyone else’s rules, I’m going to love who I want.”

Do you agree with Nick Cannon?

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