[WATCH] Yandy Smith Pepper Sprayed And Assaulted During Justice Bowl Protest

Reality star and entrepreneur Yandy Smith was pepper sprayed and violently knocked off the steps of the MDC Brooklyn Detention Center while protesting for the inmates living inside without heat and electricity.

It’s been over a week since inmates at the MDC Brooklyn Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY have complained of inhumane living conditions including no heat, food, medicine, or working toilets.  The inmates have resorted to yelling, screaming and banging on the narrow windows of their cells out of sheer agony in hopes of getting media attention.  A video surfaced of inmates showing conditions inside of the cell stating the vents were blowing cold air through the vents while temperatures staggered below freezing outside.  Reports of broken pipes leaking water and freezing beds, sick inmates, some locked up in solitary confinement and mistreated by correction officers. Family members have not been allowed visits in over a week and the center refuses to let the media in to witness living conditions.


Activists Tamika D. Mallory and Jamila T. Davis along with rapper Mysonne, and the NY Justice League organized a peaceful protest titled the Justice Bowl Sunday February 2nd from 2pm -6pm occupying the street until the inmates receive heat.

After Mayor De Blasio announced hand warmers and blankets would be provided, inmates have reported they have yet to receive them.

While many make complaints that the detention centers inmates are criminals, most are still awaiting trial and haven’t been convicted.
We will continue to report as we receive information.
photo credit: Go Nakamura / Reuters

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