#WeSupportPhor: THIS Emotional Black Ink Crew Moment Has The Internet Rallying Behind One Of Its Cast Members

Phor Black Ink Crew

Source: VH1 / VH1

Internet Supports Phor

If you saw this week’s Black Ink Crew then you were in for an emotional ride as Phor revealed that he was dealing with depression and a mental health crisis. The episode had everyone drying their eyes as we saw Ryan really come to his brother’s side, lift him up and show what real love looks like. It was great seeing the crew rally behind someone in need.

Not only that, but Twitter also decided to put its shade to the side and give Phor an outpouring of support. We wanted to put some of that here. Hopefully he sees it and sees he has a lot of people rooting for him.

Get well, good sir.

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