Hate It Or Love It?! Donald Glover Poured Some Bleach On His Beard And Fans Are Cloroxically Confused

Ludwig Göransson Hosts A Grammy Celebration

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Donald Glover Is Proudly Rocking A Newly Blond Beard

Donald Glover is turning heads with his new look…and not everyone is loving whatever’s going on in the lower quadrant of his face. The multi-talented musician was spotted at frequent collaborator Ludwig Göransson’s pre-Grammy party on Friday night, where he debuted a brand new bleached beard.

This change comes as a surprise to many not only because of just how different Glover looks with this new beard, but because he’s not really known to switch up his style much–especially when it comes to hair. Back in 2012–when Donald was in the thick of his role as Danny Pud on Community–he had a much shorter hairstyle, but in the nearly 7 years since, the man also known as Childish Gambino has been rocking the same locks.

While he’s gone back and forth between growing and shaving a beard, that’s really the most we’ve seen Glover switch it up for nearly a decade, which is why this blond beard is so damn weird.

That, and the fact that he dyed his beard in the first place.

Though the consensus among fans isn’t completely one-sided, there’s a looot of people who really aren’t feeling it–and the comparisons are absolutely hilarious. Spencer Pratt anyone?


But some other fans are ready to bleach their beards in solidarity.

Is this new bleached beard for a role? What kind of role would require Donald Glover to dye his beard?

All of these are questions that need answers, but it’s Childish Gambino we’re talking about here. We’ve just got to accept that we probably won’t know much about this new look for a WHILE.

Are you feeling the new look?!

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