Gucci Mane Wanted to Be Like El Chapo; Maybe Not Anymore

Almost 40 Hip-Hop songs have referenced El Chapo. About 17 of them are by Atlanta rapper, Gucci Mane. Songs like “Cartel Talk,” “Bank Roll,” “Baby Daddy Broke,” and “Chasing Paper” are examples of how much Gucci loves and admires the drug dealer.

But nothing says it as succinctly than the lyrics of his song named after the drug trafficker.

“All we wanna be is El Chapo/At least all the street niggas I know/All I wanna be is El Chapo/Fully automatic, slice your auto.”

While to many a rapper El Chapo is some sort of folklore hero, the Mexican kingpin is very real.

What’s even realer is the time that he is about to get. Tuesday the crime lord, whose birth name is Joaquín Guzmán Loera, was convicted in New York courts for being the mastermind behind the intricate cartel that transported millions of dollars of drug in the United States from Mexico. Not only was his empire a lucrative illegal drug ring, but it was also an evilly corrupted enterprise that envelope murder, kidnapping and other forms of corruption into its order of day.

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Judge Brian M. Cogan rendered his verdict after reading the jury’s charge sheet to the Brooklyn court. The jury found him guilty on all 10 counts of the indictment. The jury took more than a week after deliberations to come up with their decision. The prosecutors for the case against El Chapo was well equipped with evidence and witnesses. According to The New York Times, out of the 56 witnesses, 14 of them had worked for or with Mr. Guzmán.

Reports say that El Chapo was stunned by the verdict. However, his wife showed a little more emotion. She is reported have had tears in her eyes when he looked back at her after hearing his fate.

No words on how Gucci Mane is responding to El Chapo’s conviction.

El Chapo’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for Jun 25th  and he could possibly face life in prison.

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