Christianly Coupled Up: Russell & Ciara Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Matching G Wagons

Russell Wilson X Ciara

Source: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images / Getty

Russell Wilson & Ciara Celebrate Valentine’s Day

The Wilsons apparently had a lovely Valentine’s Day complete with matching cars.

Russell Wilson gave his “Greatest Love” Ciara a shout out prior to V-day and listed off reasons why he can’t help but adore his queen.

“Yes I will fix your wig, I will do whatever you say,” said Russell.

Russell then shared a sweet pic of himself and CiCi in bed where it looks like some Song of Solomon smashing might’ve been happening…

before dropping a pic of their his and hers V-Day gifts; matching G-Wagons.

Mind you G-Wagons have an MSRP of $124,500.


Must be niiiiiice Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. CiCi also shared a video of their adorable love story.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to the happy couple


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