Back Up, Bish! Haughty Houston Heffa Accosts Black Woman Taking Photos Of 1-Year-Old

Franci Neely

Source: Noam Galai / Getty

White Woman Harasses Black Mother Taking Photos Of Infant Daughter

The ex-wife of Houston Astros owner Jim Crane, Franci Neely, was captured in a viral video accosting a Black woman and her husband who were doing a photo shoot to celebrate their 1-year-old daughter’s birthday.

Kelyn Alyssa, the girl’s mother, recorded the tense confrontation and uploaded it to Facebook with a lengthy caption explaining what the hell was going on with this crazy white lady.

Here’s what husband and father Isaiah Allen told Click2Houston:

‘These were our first professional shots we have taken of the baby since she’s been born. It was something that was supposed to be very special for us, and I hate the fact that, when I look at these pictures, this is what I have to remember.

‘She’s yelling things like, “You’re trampling the grass, that we pay for, you need to leave,’ even though we were on the walkway talking the picture.

‘She said, ‘You’re on private property. You need to get your stuff out now.’ (She was) very aggressive, in our face. It was escalating to the point where my wife suggested I start recording.’

All we have to say about Franci Neely is “FDB!”

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