Heisenberg, That You? $13 Million Worth Of Methamphetamine Found Hidden In Frozen Strawberries

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Source: Bashir Osman's Photography / Getty

$13 Million In Meth Found Inside Frozen Strawberries

These drug cartels are becoming more and more creative with their various methods of smuggling their product into the United States.

According to a CNN report customs officials found $13 million dollars worth of meth inside of a tractor trailer at Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge cargo facility in Texas. A 42-year-old Mexican driver was arrested.

Authorities seized the tractor/trailer along with 906 pounds of methamphetamine (411 kg) that was worth about $12,700,000, CBP said.

It’s unknown what made the border agents believe there was something sketchy about either the driver or the shipment, but when they referred the vehicle to further inspection, that’s when they discovered the 350 packages of drugs.

“This was an outstanding interception our officers accomplished this weekend,” said Port Director David Gonzalez of Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas Port of Entry.

“Our officers’ astute sense of awareness and tenacity is unparalleled and truly commendable.”

These strawberries were about to get some smoothie-drinker high as hell.

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