Tamla Horsford: 911 Call Released From Slumber Party Where Black Mom Died

Tributes Are Laid At Burnt Out Home Where Four Children Perished

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Tamla Horsford 911 Call

The 911 call from the night when a black football mom died under mysterious circumstances has been released.

As previously reported Tamla Horsford was found dead in the backyard of a friend’s home in Forsyth County, Georgia. The mom of five was attending a “football moms” sleepover and was the only black person in attendance.

Now WSBTV reports that they’ve exclusively received the 911 calls made the morning her body was found. On the call, Jose Barrera can be heard telling the operator that Horsford wasn’t moving and noted that she had a cut on her wrist.

“She’s lying in the yard, basically on the patio downstairs.. She’s not moving one bit. She’s not breathing,” he told dispatchers.

“I’m noticing a small cut on her right wrist. She’s not breathing whatsoever. I don’t know if this cut was self-inflicted.”

Interestingly enough Jose Barrera was fired in December for his actions after Tamla’s death. As previously reported Barrera’s a former pre-trial services officer who was terminated for allegedly accessing information via his “police terminal” about the Horsford case in which he was a witness. He’s denied any wrongdoing—-but isn’t it convenient that the 911 caller was digging into the case?

Tamala’s death was ruled as an accident and attributed to an alleged fall from a deck that caused multiple blunt force injuries and listed “acute ethanol intoxication” (alcohol) as a contributing factor.

Tamla’s best friend Michelle Graves, however, is among the throngs of people calling foul. “It’s impossible to get the injuries that she had from one fall,” said Michelle to WSBTV.

What do YOU think happened to Tamla Horsford???

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