Granny Gunz: 79-Year-Old Georgia Woman Fires Shots At 20-Year-Old Burglar Trying To Gank Her Goods

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79-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Intruders With Gunfire

A 79-year-old Georgia woman fends off 20-year-old burglar Hans Rogers who was breaking into her home according to ABCNews.

The unidentified woman was in the kitchen of her Dallas, Georgia home when she called the police to report multiple men trying to enter her property.

The transcript of what the woman said the intruder is the realest s#!t you’ll read all day:

“Okay…come on. I got something for you,” she yelled at the intruder before firing off one shot.

The man still found another way to get into the home and ran upstairs, the woman said, before admitting that she shot at him once from the kitchen.

“This is taking way too long,” the woman said, asking for help to be sent faster. “They upstairs talking crazy.”

The woman then tells the dispatcher that she’s scared before yelling a warning to the man in her home: “I’m waiting on ya. When you come down them stairs, I’m gonna blow your d— brains out. I’m waiting. Come on.”

Clearly, meemaw was 100% with the shits. When police arrived they arrested Hans and he was charged with burglary, home invasion and criminal trespassing.

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