Belated ‘Big Brother’ Beef: Lolo Jones Bald Shames Tamar Braxton, Tells Her To Do THIS With Her $250K

Tamar Braxton Lolo Jones Celebrity Big Brother

Source: Sonja Flemming/CBS / Sonja Flemming/CBS

Tamar Braxton Vs. Lolo Jones

This Celebrity Big Brother beef just won’t let up! Tamar Braxton and Lolo Jones are at each other’s necks again on social media, and clearly they both want smoke. Lolo shared a video of herself on Instagram prepping for the Summer Olympics, and shaded the hell out of former CBB alliance member Ricky Williams, who evicted her from the house.

She wrote,

“Praying I get thru practice … also Lord if you could give me a new pair of lungs bc I can’t breathe and my asthma pump is 50m away. Oh Wait Lord one more thing Also could you help me forgive Ricky Williams?…But like not right now but like maybe in 10 years I will be ready.”


Tamar didn’t find the caption to be funny at all. She commented under the olympian’s post:

“Yeah forgive @williams because at this point you are doing the MOST!! It was a game Lolo and to be honest we all bullsh***d each other. #stillloveya”

The CBB winner may still love Lolo, but judging by the runner’s clapback, she doesn’t feel the same about Tay Tay. Lolo clapped back telling Tamar that she was just joking with the caption, but:

Use the $240K and buy some more wigs. Can’t wait to see ya.

We all know that Tamar isn’t letting anyone get the last word. She wrote back, “I will buy me a wig right after you buy you a husband.” Do you think these a just jokes? Or is it on site for Tamar and Lolo?

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