North Carolina Teen Charged With Murder After Strangling His Wealthy Dad With Dog Leash 

Close-up of dog leash

Source: George Doyle / Getty

16-year old Alexander Bishop was arrested on Friday for the murder of his real estate developer father, William Bishop, who was found strangled with a dog leash. Alexander initially staged his dad’s April 2018 death to appear as a suicide, telling Durham County police that he had found his dad unresponsive in their basement with a dog leash wrapped three times around his neck and the dog still attached.

He added that his father had just gone through a divorce and was having issues with his new girlfriend. When police arrived at their North Carolina home, they found William in a chair unresponsive, without a leash around his neck. They also found 25 pieces of gold valued around $463,000 in his office. Bishop was rushed to the hospital and where he died three days later of stargulation.

Forensic specialist went to the teens school after the death and searched his email and Iphone. They found some pretty suspicious info, including how to calculate the value of an estate and how to transfer bank accounts. On Friday, Alexander was arrested for the murder of his father.

He will be tried as an adult.

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