Gayle King Recalls the Time She Found Her Husband in Bed With Her Friend

I guess the saying be careful of the women who you bring around your man is true. First news broke about basketball player Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian again with her sister’s Kyle Jenner best friend Jordyn Woods. Now Gail King is dishing on the time she caught her friend in the bed with her then husband.

In a special edition of The OG Chronicles, Gayle King sat with her bestie Oprah as they answered questions about love, life, and friendship from readers on their Holland Girls Get Away Cruise.

When they got on the subject of friendship, the dynamic duo was asked: “Do you keep your original circle, do you keep adding or do you stick with your old friends?”

Gayle begins, it’s so hard to meet new friends. Oprah then says that Gayle is having a hard time because she has a hard time trusting women because of a past incident involving her husband.

“I think you may be scared because remember you had that friend who slept with your husband and when you found her with your husband you said I thought you were my friend. Gayle then says the woman’s repose to her was “I’ve never liked you.”

Oprah shared her own testimony about a time she tried to make new friends. Turning to Gail she says, “Remember that friend I was going to try to have and the person wanted to borrow money. I loaned it to her?” Gayle interjected saying that “I said she’s going to pay you back and she didn’t.”

Oprah then goes on to say, “I said she’s not going to pay me back but you know what I call it.. my negro exit fee.”

Opah and Gayle have been friends since their early twenties

Oprah credits their friendship lasting the test of time to the fact that the two always have wanted the best for each other.

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