Parody Rapper Jessica Schrody Proves Moms Really Can Do It All

Being a mom to a curious toddler who’s ready to conquer the world can become quite the task but parody rapper/writer Jessica Schrody found the funny in it all.

With nearly 2 million views on YouTube for her song ‘Mommy’ a remix of Cardi B’s Money, the once homeless-mom-turned-internet-sensation drops bars that moms can relate too. From struggling to find herself in Los Angeles to becoming a full-time college student, the rapping mom shares her trials and tribulations via her blog in a funny, yet sarcastic tone.  Jessica Rose Schrody breaks down the side of motherhood people are afraid to talk about…and she’s got bars!
Cold lil fridge I keep snacks chilled/4 years old and she don’t stay still
Kiss her in the mouth and you might get killed/eating in the car and I know she gonna spill…

If you delve further into Jessica’s blog She Really Had A Baby you can feel the creativity and honesty through her words.  From tips on parenting to  the ups and downs of relationships, Schrody feels like that friend we all go to for advice. On her YouTube page the single mom shares her journey of juggling life while raising her daughter through lyrics and videos.
Back with another hilarious parody ‘Good For Her’ a parody of Nicki Minaj’s hit, ‘Good Form’.
Check it out!

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