Less Smashing, More Passion: Vivica A. Fox Says She’s Traded In Lust For Love [Video]

Vivica A. Fox

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Vivica A. Fox Speaks On Dating On “Face The Truth”

Vivica A. Fox recently “faced her truth” about dating. The “Face The Truth” host opened up about what she’s looking for in a man and admitted that she’s stopped looking for lust—and instead is looking for love.

The actress says she used to go for men with amazing abs and other physical traits but now says she’s looking for something more meaningful. 

“A six-pack and a smile used to get me every time, you know,” said Vivica A. Fox. “But now I’ve grown up and honestly I am looking for a good partner. I need someone that’s gonna make me laugh. I need someone that’s gonna make me smile.

I want a man that when I see him he gives me butterflies, that every time his number pops up on my phone that I get excited to see him…before I used to put sex before getting to know a person and trust me, I’m single. So now I’m taking the time to get to know someone that loves to travel, that loves sports, that loves to have fun, that enjoys life, and got his own money.”

We feel you Vivica, sometimes it’s easy to get jaded by six-packs and schlongs—but maybe we all need more than that.

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