DMX is Bhad Bhabie’s ‘Bestie’ in her New Video

DMX has criticized today’s Hip Hop in the past, but apparently Bhad Bhabie gets a pass. The vet had a surprise cameo in her music video, “Bestie” featuring Kodak Black.

The upbeat dance record had visuals inspired from a horror flick. Bhabie raps about her love for her best friend while a masked killer terrorizes other characters in between dance breaks. The dancing killer was definitely entertaining, but the highlight was when he took off his mask and turned out to be DMX.

Although Kodak Black doesn’t physically appear in the video, his verse is played while a beheaded white man is served on a platter.

This is one of the Dog’s first appearances since being released from prison for tax evasion and he completely stole the show.

Check the video out below:

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