SMH: Texas Men Arrested After Being Caught On Camera Firing Shots At A Group Of Teens [Video]

21-year old Carlos Romero and 24-year old Dimitri Lavalais were arrested on Thursday after footage of them firing shots at a group of teenagers went viral. According to reports, the teens saw the suspects hiding outside in the bushes with guns when the arrived home on July 28, 2018.

KSAT News reports:

A 9mm casing found in Romero’s vehicle was fired from one of the two handguns used in the shooting. On Oct. 25, Lavalais evaded police in a white 2004 Kia Forte after authorities attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The vehicle was found to have three bullet holes in the roof of the car and a Glock handgun — later found to be connected to the shooting — was found inside.

Lavalais and Romero are two of what police think were three suspects from the shooting scene. Both have been charged with aggravated assault of a deadly weapon

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