Dunder-Mifflin Fenty: Rihanna’s Project Loud France Will Feature Office Supplies, Home Decor, And Garden Products


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Rihanna’s Project Loud France To Sell Office Supplies And More

In a time not too far from now, Rihanna will own and sell both the heavens and the earth, but until then, she’ll simply take every product that you need in your daily life and make it part of her personal brand.

Earlier this year we reported that Robyn Fenty had entered into a business venture with the folks at Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy to design and produce a line of luxury goods. Naturally, we assumed purses, luggage, and other typical items. We were dumb to think that anything Rihanna put her name on would anything remotely close to “typical”.

According to VOGUE, Robyn’s line will run the gamut of high-end products that really, really, rich people spend their tax-sheltered money on.

Project Loud France’s purpose is the “conception, fabrication, distribution, commerce, importation and exportation” of products across a range of categories including menswear, womenswear, childrenswear, footwear, eyewear, leather goods, sportswear, “goods linked to lifestyle”, high-tech products, office supplies, home decor and garden products, the new reports find. Jean-Baptiste Voisin, LVMH’s chief strategy officer…

Did that list say “office supplies, home decor, and garden products”??? Bih, you gonna be able to cop a Rihanna x Louis Vuitton stapler, bed sheets, ottoman, rake, AND hoe?!?!

It’s. F**king. Lit.

If Rihanna’s new album didn’t sell a single record it’d STILL be over for you hoes.

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