Patta Designed a Utility Bag Made Especially for DJs

Patta Soundsystem, the popular Amsterdam-based streetwear brand’s music component, is giving the sound selectors of the world something to make their next DJ set all the more easier while also looking pretty stylish as well.

The new carryall was made with DJs in mind particularly, mainly when it comes to the various compartments and removable strap that serves towards multi-purpose functionality. Some pockets are built for storing headphones while others are custom fit to safely store SD cards and USB drives. For the bicoastal spinners out there, a detachable passport pouch is also included, as well as an extra strap, cord and belt that will really give you the chance to show off your individual style. For the digital DJs curating the sounds of nightlife on a nonstop basis, we can’t see a better accessory to keep you organized and swagged out all at the same time.

The Patta Soundsystem DJ/Utility Bag will be readily available starting this Friday (March 8) over at Patta Amsterdam, London and online. See the many ways you can rock it below:

Images: Violette Esmeralda / Patta

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