8-Count Excellence: Alabama State’s Pretty & Plus-Sized Honey Beez Featured In Nike ‘Just Do It’ Commercial

Go off, girls!

Alabama State Honey Beez Featured In Nike Ad

Alabama State’s famed plus-size dance troupe is getting some national shine.

If you’re familiar with the HBCU’s Honey Beez, then you know that the pretty, plus-sized dancers are the pride of the Mighty Marching Hornets who are known for expertly executing 8-counts that include splits, tumbling and elements of ballet.

For their Nike ad that highlights people doing things that many find improbable, the ladies showed their conditioning that includes running and gym time that’s allowed at least one of them to drop over 50 pounds.

The Montgomery, Alabama dancers’ campaign is (of course) attracting criticism from people who think Nike’s promoting obesity—but others think it’s bursting with body positivity.

Watch the Honey Beez’ Nike ad above.

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