F**k 12: 19-Year-Old Unarmed Black Man Killed In Maryland Police Custody After Being Chased, Tased, And Pinned

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4 MONTHS NO ANSWERS. Via @baltimoresun The story of #AntonBlack is one that we have heard too many times. The 19-year-old was involved in a fairly routine activity — in this case roughhousing with a young family friend — and ended up dead after being apprehended by police in Greensboro. Police say the incident all started with a 911 call last year on the evening of Sept. 15 when a caller reported a kidnapping. A police officer from Greensboro and a neighboring jurisdiction arrived to find Black dragging a 12-year-old boy down the street, according to a report by Maryland State Police. Black ran after they instructed him to put his hands behind his back. During the pursuit an officer used a taser a to try to subdue him. The officers then noticed he was in medical distress and called an ambulance. He was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. Family members find the police version hard to believe. For one, Black and the young boy knew each other and were likely playing around, the family has said. How a concerned citizen mistook playing as a kidnapping, we don’t know. But it wouldn’t be the first time biases have led to the mundane activities of a black person being misinterpreted as something far more menacing. The incident has resulted in racial tension in the tiny town of about 1,180 people. Rene Swafford, an attorney representing the Black estate, said black parents in particular are wary about letting their children play outside. Town officials have contributed greatly to the animosity of the case by letting an officer involved in Black’s detention remain on the force. The Town Council only voted on Sept. 10 to suspend Thomas Webster IV until a more detailed state investigation is completed. The vote came after intense pushback from Black’s family and members of the community who have crowded town meetings complaining about the handling of the case.

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Unarmed Black Man In Greensboro, Maryland Killed In Police Custody

Another day, another unarmed Black man killed by bacon-wrapped boys with badges.

According to ABCNews, an unarmed 19-year-old Black man, Anton Black, was killed in front of his mother outside their mobile home in Greensboro, Maryland by police who seem to have grossly overreacted to say the very least.

On September 15, 2018 police responded to a call stating that Black was dragging a 12-year-old boy down the street. The cops treated the call like an attempted kidnapping, but Black’s family says the boy is a friend and was not at risk of harm.

Body cam footage allegedly shows Black running from police after being told to put his hands behind his back. A chase ensued and Black locked himself inside the family car parked outside his mobile home. Police proceeded to smash the car window with a baton and shot him with a taser before he exited the vehicle and struggled with several officers.

After having him pinned down for 5 minutes (which is a VERY long f***ing time), a cop reportedly joked “I’m getting old — I couldn’t keep up with him!”

“This is a mental health emergency. We’re not treating this like a crime,” an officer says. “He’s going to be OK. We’re going to get him some help.”

So you shoot a mentally ill person with a taser and bust the windows out their car on some Jazmine Sullivan s#!t? SMH.

Mere moments later officers checked for a pulse and told Anton’s mother that he was breathing. After Anton’s mother remarked that her son was “turning dark” the pigs cops uncuffed him and began CPR procedures.

Anton died at the hospital that night. Medical examiner says Anton’s congenital heart condition, mental illness, and stress from the struggle caused his death.

“They were all chasing him like he done killed somebody. This boy didn’t have no weapons, no guns, no knife, no nothing. He was just walking down the road with his friend,” said his father, Antone Black.

What punishment will officer Thomas Webster IV face for Anton’s death you ask?

Caroline County State’s Attorney Joseph Riley last month announced he isn’t asking a grand jury to consider charges, saying his office can’t prosecute “tragic acts.” In a statement, Riley said the autopsy report shows there’s no evidence Black was choked, struck by officers or had force applied to his neck.

Webster was placed on administrative leave for a bit but returned to full duty last month.

Rest in peace Anton Black. F**k 12.

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