Jesus Take The Dumbbells: Wisconsin Couple Faces Criminal Charges For Breaking A Measles Quarantine To Go To The Gym

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Couple Breaks Measles Quarantine To Go To The Gym

Most people will look for any excuse not to go to the gym, but one man’s dedication is seriously dangerous.

Wisconsin couple is facing criminal charges after one of the two violated their measles quarantine order and went to the gym, a criminal complaint said.

57-year-old Jeffery Murawski and his wife, Christine Bennett were each charged with “one misdemeanor count of communicable disease – protection of the public,” according to reports from FOX6 Now. They are both slated to appear in court on March 25.

On May 1 of 2018, a Waukesha County sheriff’s deputy pulled over Bennett’s car, which also contained her husband, who allegedly had the measles. It was not immediately clear if he had measles at the time he left the home or was under quarantine.

“Aren’t you supposed to be home?” the deputy said. The Waukesha County Health Department ordered Murawski to be confined to his home until he was “deemed non-contagious.” But instead, he decided to leave his home “to go inside Gold’s Gym to work out,” according to prosecutors. Murawski said he left after only a few minutes of working out “because he felt very guilty.”

Deputies were outside the man’s home during the quarantine order just in case he left, but he ended up hiding in his wife’s vehile to escape, prosecutors said. Murawski apologized, saying, “he needed to get out of the house because he was going crazy.”


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