Never Scurred: Will Smith Swims With Sharks For His Facebook Watch “Bucket List” Show [VIDEO]

Will Smith Bucket List Facebook Watch Shows

Source: Alan Silfen / Alan Silfen

Will Smith Goes Swimming With Sharks For “Will Smith Bucket List”

Your boy Will Smith is at it again with episode two of WILL SMITH’S BUCKET LIST, now available on Facebook Watch. This time around Will is swimming with the sharks… Check out a clip below:

During the episode, Will’s confronts his lifelong fear of sharks by going for a cage-free swim in the Bahamas in the name of personal growth because as Will says, “when you are not afraid to die, you’re no longer afraid to live.” When he originally came up with this bucket list idea, he says, “I wasn’t diving free wide open with the sharks, but… WTF.” He gets sound advice along the way like “don’t act like food and they won’t treat you like food.”

As Will reflects on facing his fear, he says, “I’m a firm believer that fear causes the greatest atrocities and evils that have ever been committed on this planet. Fear is poison. And I’m going to cleanse mine.”

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