Are You Dumb Da Dumb Dumb: Bobby Shmurda Says THIS About Working With Tekashi Snitch-Nine Again 

You can add Bobby Shmurda to the list of folks who want nothing to do with Tekashia69 after his November arrest.  VladTV interviewed Bobby via phone and reminded him that 69 is fully cooperating with police before asking whether or not he’d do another track with the rainbow haired rapper.

Bobby, who was featured on 69’s chart topping track “Stoopid”, didn’t hesitate to answer, saying:

“Hell m****ck*ng no! I don’t even want to be next to that man—I’m good. These m*****ckers would have everybody locked up. That’s why I tell these kids, too: These entertainers they just entertainers. They ain’t living that shit they be talking.”

Bobby added that he avoided snitching in his case by taking more prison time. However, he says that he’ll be a free man in 20 months and it’s “gonna be a movie”. Meanwhile, Tekashi’s sentence went from a minimum of 47 years to him being released in 2020 thanks to the terms of his recent plea deal.

Should be an interesting two years for hip hop.


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