CACAW! Filth-Crusted Frittata YesJulz Shades Karen Civil & Scottie Beam, Gets Jazzy Jeffed Into The Aioli Abyss

The Fader Fort 2018 - Day 3

Source: Johnny Nunez.Getty

Black Twitter Vs. YesJulz (AGAIN)

Ah yes, our favorite culture-vulturing dumpster-dweller YesJulz returned for YET ANOTHER Black Twitter escort to the aioli abyss. This time, coming for respected media mavens (and proud Black women) Karen Civil and Scottie Beam in a headassey Easily Offended interview proving, once again, that she doesn’t respect the culture she shamelessly pillages on the daily.

Peep the latest deliciously messy YesJulz DRAGGING on the flip.

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