#LHHReunion: Kimbella AND Mariahlynn Each Had MAJOR Pregnancy Shockers While Twitter Came Through With 100% Pettiness

kimbella reunion

Source: VH1 / VH1

#LHHReunion Drama

Well that was quite en explosive reunion episode. There were pregnancy announcements new and old all night. First, Kimbella tried to give us Beyonce vibes with a fancy pregnancy reveal, but Yandy and a horde of Twitter fans had a lot of shrugs and side-eyes for her whole spectacle.

On the other hand there was Mariahlynn who tried to reveal a long-time love affair with Rich. She said they’d been together for eight years and he previously got her pregnant! What?! Meanwhile he didn’t seem to give half a damn, shrugging and refusing to have her back.


It all got ugly as hell very quickly and Twitter was giving us pure comedy the whole time. Take a look…

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