WHITE Chalk: Murda Mook’s Lack Of Self-Respect In The Presence Of GodNoJulz Got Him Dragged To Carlton Banks Cardigan Closet

YesJulz Murda Mook

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Murda Mook Faces Backlash For Kiss-A$$ YesJulz Interview

YesJulz has likely taken over your Twitter timeline and there’s a better-than-average chance that you have NO idea who, what, or how a YesJulz is.

We’ve reported on her myriad of offensive, heada$$, and ignorant social media moments in the past, but this particular post isn’t about her. Her time is coming, trust and believe, but right now all anyone wants to talk about is blubbery battle rapper Murda Mook and his self-loathing tap-dancery in the face of the alabaster oppressor.

During an interview on the Easily Offended podcast, Julz fixed her mouth in an attempt to throw both Karen Civil and Scottie Beam under the bus and didn’t get an ounce of pushback from Mook or the other Black clown on the show. Moreover, Mook was doing the absolute most to ingratiate himself with Julz in one of the most embarrassing moments we’ve seen since Kanye West went to 1600 STFU Ave to kiss Donald Trump’s orange azz.

He must REALLY want some of that Birkenstock backside.

The reactionary Murda Mook slander was executed swiftly.

On the following pages you can roast marshmallows around the fire that is currently cooking the sunken place battle rapper to a charcoal crisp.

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