Woman Attacked By Jaguar Wants The Zoo To Make Some Changes

The anonymous woman who recently was clawed by a jaguar at Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona, says that she was at fault for the incident. The lady who goes by “Leanne” reveals that she was incautiously crossing the barrier to take a selfie in front of the wild cat exhibit on Saturday.

“The black jaguar was up against the fence and we happened to be walking by and we said hey, let’s get some good pictures,” she shares in an interview with CBS.

Moments later onlookers captured what appeared to be Leanne laying on the floor with a wounded arm after the jaguar reached through the fence and clawed her.

Leanne understands that while she was wrong, but she wants the zoo to make some changes.

“I was in the wrong for leaning over the barrier, but I do think the zoo should look into moving their fence back… Anybody can reach out. I’m not the first and if they don’t move the fence probably won’t be the last.”

The black jaguar, who was really just minding his business when this happened, has been temporarily removed from the exhibit. In a statement tweeted out by the zoo, they maintain that the Jaguar was never out of its enclosure.

It would have been horrible if the zoo had to put the Jaguar down all because someone wanted a picture.

Do you think the black jaguar should have been removed from the enclosing? Also, what type of punishment should this woman receive?

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