This Is…Bad: Michael Jackson Seen On 1989 Surveillance Footage Seemingly Buying Jewelry For Sex Abuse Accuser James Safechuck [Video]

Brit Music Awards, 1996

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Michael Jackson Seen In Jewelry Store With Sex Abuse Accuser In 1989

The public case against Michael Jackson has taken a turn and this one is going to be hard to ignore.

TMZ has obtained surveillance footage from a store where Michael Jackson allegedly took sex abuse accuser James Safechuck shopping for jewelry back in 1989.

Jackson is said to have donned a disguise including a fake mustache, phony teeth, and a wig to shop at a Zales in Simi Valley. Those of you who weren’t born or were too young might not remember, but this lil’ excursion became a big story in the late 80s because security stopped MJ thinking that he was in disguise to rob the store. At the time no one knew that the little boy seen in the video was with Jackson.

TMZ has confirmed that the little boy was Safechuck.

Obviously, this case will never see a courtroom, but in the court of public opinion this could be very damning to those were on the fence about Jackson’s guilt. In the Leaving Neverland documentary, Safechuck speaks of an “engagement ring” that Jackson bought him. That ring was not purchased during this trip according to TMZ, but the video definitely begs the question “What the HELL was Jackson doing in a jewelry store with a young boy?”.

What do you make of this?

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