Rest In Peace: Luke Perry Cremated And Ashes Spread Across His Tennessee Farm

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Luke Perry Cremated And Ashes Spread On Farm

Luke Perry‘s sudden stroke and death at age 52 was shocking to say the least and we’re sure that his family and friends are still reeling from the loss.

According to TMZ, Luke wanted to be cremated upon death and his loved ones came together to make it happen. For the past 20 years or so Luke has resided on the 380-acre property in the city of Vanleer, TN and his remains were scattered about the land.

As for Luke’s connection to the farm … he bought it in 1995 during the ‘90210’ run. He had just starred in the movie “8 Seconds” where he played a young rodeo champ and developed an interest in cattle raising. That’s when he purchased the farm.

Luke’s death certificate shows that his body was transported to Dickson, TN which is only about 13 miles from Vanleer.

A private ceremony for friends and family will be held in a few weeks.

Rest in peace, Luke Perry.

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