Mama Makin’ Moves: Queen Naija Has A New Digital Series Coming To MTV [Video]

Queen Naija MTV Show

Beyonce did it, Cardi B did it, and now Queen Naija is proving that your career doesn’t have to come to screeching halt just because you have a baby on the way.

The “Medicine” singer, who welcomed her second child back in January, has a new 3-part digital series coming to MTV Youtube this month and judging by her prefame Youtube following, this series is finna be a hit.  In the one-minute trailer, Queen opens up about her decision to have a baby at the height of her career and still go on tour:

“Some people doubted I can finish this tour because I told them I was pregnant before it started. But I don’t care what they say. I’m doing it.”

Catch the three-part docuseries when it airs Friday, March 22 on MTV Youtube. Y’all tuning in?

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