Face Down, Gas Up: Megan Thee Stallion’s #BigOleFreakChallenge Is The Twerk-y Miracle The World Needs

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Source: Brian Stukes / Getty

#BigOleFreakChallenge Is Glorious

Megan Thee Stallion can do no wrong. No matter what those ash bubbles who are mad she watches anime and twerks say about her. She blew up the net a few weeks ago with her Big Ole Freak video and she hasn’t stopped giving us the gift of dat a$$ shaking.

Not only that, she’s encouraging a whole community of twerkers to join her, by proposing a big ole freak challenge where these people pull up on gas stations and get their twerk on. Everyone leaves happy.

This is one of the best things happening on the ‘net and we are lucky to be alive in a time like this. Take a look…

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