Birdman Handrub: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Files Russian Investigation Report With Attorney General


Source: NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty

Robert Mueller Files Russian Investigation Report To Attorney General

Well, ladies and gentleman, the day has finally arrived. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finished his investigation into Russian tampering in the 2016 Presidential election. The one that got Comrade Donald Trump elected POTUS.

According to the NYTimes, Attorney General William Barr has been given the report that details the two-year investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign, Trump himself, and those who work for Trump have colluded or conspired with a foreign enemy to aid in his election.

During William Barr’s confirmation hearing he was grilled by lawmakers who were concerned that he would attempt to keep Mueller’s report private and not release the findings to the public. Word is that Barr could release the information found as early as this weekend.

Earlier this month The House voted unanimously on a nonbinding resolution to make these finding public. Both Democrats and Republicans understand that any attempt to obfuscate the report will lead to a riotous response from the American people, especially those who believe deeply in Donald Trump corruption and criminality.

The next few months of American politics are going to get down and dirty.

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