Making It Rain On Them Clones: Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Projected To Bank Almost $50 Million Opening Weekend

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‘Us’ Expected To Make Nearly $50 Million Opening Weekend

This weekend, general audiences will finally get an opportunity to see the film that has been buzzing CRAZY since the #UsFirst and SXSW premieres two weeks ago.

All the initial reviews are glowing with very minimal negative criticism. So little, in fact, that Us was sitting firmly at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes until this week when it took a very slight dip of 94%. Still, it says a lot that Jordan Peele’s SECOND FILM EVER IN LIFE is being received this well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Monkeypaw production is projected to bring in anywhere from $38 to $48 million at the box office this weekend. For comparison sake, Get Out banked $33.4 million in its opening weekend and went on to gross $255.4 million worldwide.

The budget for Us is up some from Get Out at $20 million, but between the hype that media like us, no pun intended, have built and the almost guaranteed word-of-mouth marketing, we’re fairly confident that this will beat out that $33.4 million number.

Will you have your a$$ in a seat for Us this weekend?

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